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Experienced specialists – from various areas and industries. 
Get your additional resources now - accelerate your digital transformation and your daily business.

Your benefits at a glance

Flexible working hour packages

You have influence on pricing by choosing the location of the team member, the working hours, number of hours per month and the service level

During increasing workloads flexible possibility to book additional specialists

You are building up flexible IT capacities

Market advantages over your competitors

Your IT Department powered by Intersky Consulting

One of our main benefits is our experience with building up of IT Departments for our clients. In such scenarios we do not only giving the manpower within IT Projects but we also building up structures for handling of daily business needs. Among other things we are using ITIL framework for processes design, establishing general business flows between business units and taking ownership of the management if required by the clients. We do have nearly for all areas the right specialists therefore we can support you optimally with your plans.

For running agile teams there is a need for specialists from a variety of disciplines. For many companies it is uneconomical or even not possible to employ all these people. Especially when considering that in many cases a specialist has only to work on a specific phase or part of a project. Here you benefit from our service “IT on Demand”. IT on demand, allows you to book specialists in time packages, to plan flexibly and depending on your needs, to determine which service levels have to be met or at what times the team should work on your topics. You can also determine in which price range you want to work, whether your team member should be from Germany, Europe or Asia. Flexibility in your hands – make a difference and trust on our top resources - build on your new capacities.

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