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Xais Core - your Idea even better

The state of art framework as your architecture backbone


Deliver your Idea

With Xais Core you can deliver your idea to the market much quicker as with any other software development approach. Xais Core is coming with a wide range of already existing features and functionalities. With each life cycle it is even getting better

Reduce your heart rate

Xais Core is able to take over nearly all aspects of the software management, infrastructure management, deployment management, backend testing, health status monitoring and so on. Exclude risks and raise the good feelings while your software solution is performing

State-of-Art Architecture

Xais Core is coming with a clean architecture. Your solution will be cut down into logical functionality modules that will be managed by Xais Core. Finding root issues within processes, defining necessary changes, prediction of challenges or any other typical business cases will be perfectly supported by a strong traceability


Xais Core can be connected to any kind of software, through the native Xais Core API, external API, File transmission, EDIFACT, X12, IDoc or any other suitable way.


Xais Core is understanding his own health status by monitoring each of its components, modules, infrastructure based on predefined business rules, self-learned dependencies and behaviours, process results and other values. It takes care of any aspects by resolving issues automatically without the need of human interaction.

Over time better and cheaper

With each module and functionality Xais Core is getting better. The more functionalities are existing in your solution the less the need of developing anything new. So, development activities will change to configuration activities. You can test any number of test settings, run live data in parallel in test environments without any hassle.


Key Features

Strong Core Functionalities

Xais Core is coming with state-of-art functionalities which are reducing the development time crucial like data management, security features, API’s, auto monitoring and many more


Each in Xais Core setup module will be monitored and analysed on ongoing basis. The system is able to understand its own health status and react as needed in specific situations


Xais Core is scaling automatically based on monitoring outcomes, predictions within predefined boundaries. It is doing as much as allowed in behalf of you

Maintenance and Patches

Updates and Maintenance without hassle – anything anytime – each module can be separately maintained and patched without the need of outage for example during the business hours


Xais Core is taking care of each change and is automatically testing functionality. When the system detects any abnormality then a variety of measures will be started

API and Platforms

Xais is coming with a native API and can be connected to any application, software, platform, mobile apps. Highest security standards allowing to process any kind of data

Key Features

Use Cases

SaaS Solution for Amazon and Wayfair Orders

Xais Core is used for a platform that is managing orders between e-commerce companies like Amazon or Wayfair and Wholesalers, logistic companies and carriers. It is managing up to 3 Million Euro of order values per day. With the Xais Interface Manager it is able process up to 300,000 EDIFACT messages per day and per EDI Core. In any case of a bottleneck it will scale up the modules.

WINT – a lightweight Web Portal

WINT is used within several scenarios. WINT is the native Xais Core Web Frontend that is working as a normal Web Portal but without the need of an own Database. WINT is directly connected to Xais Core. Based on the same API the system is also connected to third parties for even a more extended data communication that is making it super easy to setup and manage cross-company processes.

Central Manager for Web and Desktop Bots

Xais Core is used as a basis for a managing software that is controlling web and desktop crawling bots. In some cases desktop applications does not have API or any other data interfaces that can be connected. Same can happen in case of web sites. Xais Core is managing a number of crawling bots that fetching data or even adding data to external applications. It is connecting several systems and is providing process driven data to them.

Use Cases

Application flow diagram

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