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You need support with IT Projects, software management, building and managing of cloud solutions, data warehouse and business intelligence, mobile app development, enterprise solutions development, EDI or other areas? Then you are totally at the right place!

Our services at one glance

  • Software Development

  • IT Support

  • Outsourcing

  • Consulting in the areas

    • Digital Transformation​

    • Automation

    • Data Warehousing

    • Business Intelligence

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • ERP Systems

    • Process Management

    • Project Management & Program Management

    • Fraud & Compliance Management

    • Web Application

    • Mobile App Development

    • Enterprise Software Solutions

    • Individual Software

    • Interface Management / EDI

    • EDIFACT Integration (for example Amazon)

    • Test Management & Software QA

    • IT Strategies

EDI Integration - Connected successfully with the world

Find out now, how you can reduce your costs and how to establish new sales channels. Connect your business to the world, for example to Amazon or Wayfair via the Xais Interface Manager

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