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With the Xais product line you are giving your digital transformation the right direction. You can bring your processes up to speed - build up whole own cloud services on the Xais Core System. Benefit from modern solutions, build for the future.

Xais Product Line

Xais Core

Xais core is a framework for cloud computing, which is managing worker or also called “microservices”. But Microservices is not a really sufficient description in the case of Xais Core, as Xais Core worker are much more powerful and can manage complex tasks within and outside of the framework. Solutions based on Xais Core have clear advantages against classic software concepts


  • High reliability and failure safety as the framework is working within a self-managing cluster (several physical / virtual servers)

  • System can reproduce worker and manage their processes under changing conditions to cover workload peaks automatically

  • Xais Core can analyse itself automatically, switch to previous or other versions of workers if it is recognizing issues within the current setup

  • Xais Core is executing asynchronous – this is reducing the dependencies within systems and this is a basis for real time processing

  • Each worker can be maintained separately, even during the normal business hours – this means updates hassleless without impact on running processes

  • Each worker is a separate unit – problems within processes can be isolated much quicker and more efficient

  • Xais Core is easy to scale and there is no size limitation

  • The workers can be adjusted flexible to new flows and processes without the need to develop other workers from scratch

Those and many more advantages makes Xais Core to a System available today
but already prepared for tomorrow

Application Examples

  • Basis Framework for Online Services

  • Core for modern ERP Systems

  • Management Framework for modern and high scalable platforms

  • Automation between Systems

  • As basis for additional functionality of legacy systems

  • Core for digital ecosystems with complex dependencies

  • Basis for AI based cognitive systems

This is a short list of examples how Xais Core could be used – for more information please contact us

Xais Interface Manager

Discover our Xais Interface Manager – a System for Managing of Interfaces. Transmit any format between the systems, regardless if EDIFACT, individual XML files, standard mapping or individual requirements per connected party – this and much more can be implemented with the Xais Interface Manager.

With Xais Interface Manager you can connect for example to Amazon or to Wayfair via EDIFACT, also to carrier, wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer, internal systems, clients, partners and suppliers.


Find out now, how you can reduce your costs and how to establish new sales channels.

EDI Integration - Connected successfully with the world

Find out now, how you can reduce your costs and how to establish new sales channels. Connect your business to the world, for example to Amazon or Wayfair via the Xais Interface Manager

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