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Hire today our TOP IT experts from Europe and Asia

We have the experienced and skilled talents, to serve you and your needs perfectly.

Our software developers, software architects, business analysts, designers and many more are waiting to

support you

As we know that experience and skills are mission critical, we just

selecting those talents for our teams that have passed a strict

onboarding process.

Our Teams worked with

Our Skill Set


Python, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, Pascal, C++, C#, SQL, Java, TypeScript, HTML, PUGJS, Xamarin, CSS, ASP .NET, VBS, T-SQL, Power Builder

Libraries / APIs

Flask, OpenCV, numpy, Caffe, PyQT, RESTful Web Services, Windows Scanner SDK (Motorola/Zebra), Wix Toolset (install package), Protocol Thermal (fiscal printer),Pos Printer (OPOS),  .NET Core Api, WCF Services, Microsoft Report (rdlc), Amazon MWS, Twitter, Facebook, Zoho, Insightly, SendGrid, Twilio, ShipStation, ASP.NET Web API

Wordpress, Joomla, Dupral, Magento, Typo3


Django, Grails, Jii2, Codeigniter, React, Doctrine, Node js, Asp .Net, .Net Framework, MVC, Angular,.NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET Entity Framework, NancyFX, PRISM, PFC


Git, Bots, Docker, SVN, Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Android Studio, Code Maid, Resharper, Mercurial (Hg), JIRA, Bamboo, nodejs, IIS, Power BI


SOLID, TDD, DDD, DevOps, CD, CI, System integrations, microservices, EDI, image recognition, machine and deep learning, Agile Software Development, Unit Testing, Scrum, Clean Code, Asynchronous Programming, Continuous Delivery (CD), Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing


Windows 95 – 10, Windows Server 2000-2016, Linux Debian, Linux Fedora, Linux SUSE, Linux Ubuntu, AIX, Linux CentOS

Mobile OS
IT Infrastructure

Clouds, AWS, Docker, Azure, Networking LAN/WAN, Network devices configuration, Network Security


Windows Mobile Phone, Android, iOS


PosgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MySQLi, ELK, PDO, SQL Server 2000-2017, MariaDb, MongoDb, Sybase

Data Engineering, Signal Processing, Data Mining, Statistics, Scientific Computing, API Development, Software Development, Server and Network Management, Big Data Analytic and Management, Experimental Design, Neural Networks

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