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Discover our Xais Interface Manager – a system for managing of Interfaces. Exchange any format, regardless if EDIFACT, individual XML files, standard mapping or partner specific requirements – this and much more can be achieved with the Xais Interrace Manager

Integration into the digital ecosystem via EDI

The Xais Interface Manager is giving you the possibility to integrate your business into a cross-enterprise ecosystem. Benefit from the use of communication standards between partners, customers and suppliers. The main target is to connect companies and create a network for better cooperation and cost reduction. We are going one step further then other service provider that just concentrate on some specific standards. In addition to the Xais Interface Manager Cloud, you will receive support from experienced EDI specialists who can build bridges between systems that was not intended for this type of communication

Integration Amazon B2B

Via the Xais Interface Manager it is simple to connect your business with Amazon. You can easily communicate via AS2 / EDIFACT with Amazon -  transmit and receive different types of digital documents – benefit instantly. Digitalize your processes, reduce costs and save money.

Sofort Amazon Standards erfüllen mit dem Xais Interface Manager:

Purchase order message (EDIFACT ORDERS)

Purchase order response message (EDIFACT ORDRSP)

Firm booking message (WePay / EDIFACT IFTMBF)

Booking confirmation message (WePay / EDIFACT IFTMBC)

Despatch advice message (EDIFACT DESADV mit oder ohne SSCC)

Invoice message (EDIFACT INVOIC)

Inventory report message (EDIFACT INVRPT)

Connect to the world via the Xais Interface Manager and benefit from the possibilities.

EDI powered by

Interface Manager

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